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Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSc Business Administration)

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In the Entrepreneurship and Innovation track, you explore the most advanced theories devised and practiced by the current hub of innovators and entrepreneurs. This track is one of 9 tracks you can opt for in our Master's in Business Administration.

Help new and existing companies create value

This track offers you the best of two worlds. Your first journey takes you behind the scenes of the world’s most innovative companies, like Apple, Tesla, Amazon and Netflix. How do they create value through developing new products, services and processes? How do they keep changing their business models to fit the increasingly digitalised world?

On your second journey, you will explore the domain of start-ups and scale-ups. How do entrepreneurs identify valuable opportunities? How do they develop strategies and plans, and acquire the necessary resources to implement their ideas? You will investigate and discuss these questions for both the corporate environment and new ventures.

Track-specific courses

  • Theories of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    In this course, you will learn how established firms and new ventures create value through the implementation of innovations. Entrepreneurship and innovation are considered complementary and connected management disciplines. Become acquainted with this exciting realm by getting to know the most important and advanced theories and models in the field and combining theory and practice through real-life cases and guest lectures given by successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

  • Innovation Management

    In this course, you will obtain an insight into how innovative companies discover, develop and exploit opportunities for new products, services and business models; discuss theories on entrepreneurial and innovation networks such as design thinking, sustainability, digital innovation and business modelling; and acquire valuable insights into how firms create and manage innovations from guest lecturers from highly reputable companies.

  • International Entrepreneurship

    Get a grasp of all aspects of entrepreneurship. The point of departure is that entrepreneurship is a method that can be broken down into its essential parts. Learn about theories and models such as effectuation, opportunity recognition, exploitation and entrepreneurial strategies. Leading scholars and guest experts will invite you to actively participate and take part in discussions and presentations on case studies.

    Examples of topics: networks in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and globalisation, cases in entrepreneurship, financing new ventures, venture capital and crowd funding, corporate entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

Real-life case: Heineken and open innovation
Great ideas can come from anywhere, right? That’s what Heineken was thinking when they created their own crowdsourcing platform: a ground-breaking way to facilitate the creation and exchange of ideas for innovation on brewing technology, beer recipes, packaging and sustainability. Discuss how Heineken designs and manages its open innovation process to maximise the creative output of its innovation communities. What can other companies learn from this?

Contemporary issues

Examples of real-life business cases and company projects you will discuss:

  • Samsung vs Apple: How to evolve from a follower to an innovation leader?
  • Deloitte Digital: How to use big data for innovations? How to manage innovations that disrupt not only other industry players, but also your own organisation?
  • Blockchain technology: How does this technology transform industries? And how can we use it to transform others in the future?
  • Circular economy in Amsterdam: How can we make Amsterdam more sustainable?

Career prospects

Graduates of the Master's in Business Administration/Innovation and Entrepreneurship track have excellent job prospects for positions in the area of innovation and corporate entrepreneurship.

As an alumnus, you can become a project leader, manager or consultant within both large established multinationals and start-ups in:

  • Innovation Management
  • New Business Development
  • New Product or Service Development
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • your own venture
Facts & Figures
Degree programme MSc
Mode Full-time
Credits 60 ECTS, 12 months
Language of instruction English
Starts in September
CROHO code 60644