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Accountancy and Control
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Want to discover if the Master's in Accountancy and Control is the right programme for you? Get to know the programme and find out.

MSc Accountancy and Control, according to student Juul
Watch Juul's experiences with the MSc Accountancy and Control. What is it like to study at UvA? What does she think of the programme, her fellow students and the campus?

Ask our students

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Hi, I'm Chandralekha! I'm a Master’s student in Accountancy and Control from Singapore. Got questions about studying at the UvA? Get in touch via our chat tool. Ask Chandralekha your questions
Online lectures
In this Master's, one of the lecture topics is Accountability for Sustainable Business, taught by Prof. Brendan O'Dwyer. Watch a selection of this lecture series on Accountability for Sustainable Business: a lecture on Expansions in Risk Management Practice and Disclosure, and on The Rise of Responsible Investment and its Implications for Organisational Accountability.
Expert Insights
Learn from experts in the field. What tips do they have for your studies and future career? Find out what Marco Rozenberg (VP & Chief Audit Officer at Booking Holdings) has to say in this video.
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