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Economics and Business Economics
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Open House

Want to discover if the Bachelor's Economics and Business Economics is the right programme for you? Get to know the programme and find out.

What is this programme about?
Find out what our BSc Economics and Business Economics is about and why you should study it at the UvA.
Meet & Ask (recording)
Dr Silvia Dominguez Martinez, programme director of the Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics, explains what you can expect of this challenging Bachelor's programme. Additionally, some of our students share their experiences with this Bachelor’s and student life.
Programme Insights
Programme director Dr Silvia Dominguez Martinez provides you with additional information about the Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics. She will discuss the study programme, the 2 majors, career prospects and much more.


  • What is the difference between Economics and Business Economics?

    Economics is about making choices when there is scarcity and the impact such choices have on our daily lives and society. A distinction is made between 2 fields: micro-economics and macro-economics.
    In Business Economics, you apply economic theories to decisions made by businesses. You consider the way they are organised, as well as the way they operate and their role in the economy.

  • What are the career prospects after graduating from this Bachelor’s?

    Our students have excellent career prospects. All companies need a good economist to resolve all sorts of economics issues. As an economist or business economist, potential future employers include multinationals, banks, ministries, major businesses and SMEs in various sectors. You could be employed as a financial analyst, stock trader, economics adviser or accountant. Many of our students continue their studies by taking a specialist Master’s programme.

  • Will there be regular networking events?

    Sefa, the study association for all Faculty of Economics and Business students, organises a number of online and offline career events a year, where you can meet potential future employers. In addition, there are regular guest lectures for you to attend, hosted by businesses and government organisations.

  • What does online education look like at the moment?

    In general, education activities for all students are currently online. We organise several activities so you can meet your fellow students and feel at home at the university. It goes without saying that we cannot predict what the situation will be like when the new academic year starts in September 2021. In any case, if necessary, we are prepared to offer students interactive online education in a variety of formats, along with a wide range of social activities.

Ask our students

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Hi, I'm Luka! I'm a Bachelor’s student in Economics and Business Economics from Serbia. Got questions about studying at the UvA? Get in touch via our chat tool. Ask Luka your questions
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Meet Yeewah, student of the Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics. She will show you what a day in her study life looks like and she shares some tips and tricks.
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