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Open House

Want to discover if the Bachelor's in Econometrics is the right programme for you? Get to know the programme and find out.

What is this programme about?
Bachelor’s student Koen Vleugels explains in less than 1 minute what Econometrics is and which career prospects econometricians have.
Meet & Ask (recording)
Learn more about the Bachelor's programmes in Econometrics and in Actuarial Science at the University of Amsterdam. Programme director of Actuarial Science, Dr Umut Can, explains what you can expect in these challenging Bachelor's programmes.


  • What is the difference between Econometrics and Actuarial Science?

    In both Econometrics and Actuarial Science mathematics, statistics, and economics have focus. Econometrics is concerned with analysing and making sense of economic relationships from a broader perspective. Goal is to help organisations in making better business and policy decisions. Actuarial Science is more about understanding and managing financial risks, especially in insurance and finance.

  • What’s the difference between Econometrics and UvA’s new Bachelor’s in Business Analytics?

    Essentially, the difference is that Business Analytics is data-driven while Econometrics is theory-driven. Econometrics students develop econometric models, apply them to micro and macroeconomic issues, and analyse the impact on economic policy. In Business Analytics, students use data from AI / machine learning techniques to solve complex business related problems.
    There is certainly common ground between the 2 fields. Business Analytics exploits econometric techniques and Econometrics has a 'Data Science' track in its 3rd year, which utilises the general methodology of machine learning techniques. ​​​​​

  • Does the UvA organise networking events?

    The VSAE (study association for all students of Econometrics and Actuarial Sciences) organises many study-related events and projects. Throughout the year they organise multiple career events in which you can have personal conversations with recruiters and participate in workshops.

  • What does online education look like at the moment?

    In general, education activities for all students are currently online. We organise several activities so you can meet your fellow students and feel at home at the university. It goes without saying that we cannot predict what the situation will be like when the new academic year starts in September 2021. In any case, if necessary, we are prepared to offer students interactive online education in a variety of formats, along with a wide range of social activities.

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