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Business Administration
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Open House

Want to discover if the Bachelor's in Business Administration is the right programme for you? Get to know the programme and find out.

Meet & Ask (recording)
Dr Frank Belschak, programme director of the Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration, explains what you can expect of this challenging Bachelor's programme during this Meet & Ask session. Additionally, some of our students share their experiences with this Bachelor’s and student life. Our Admissions officer shows you the steps you need to take to successfully participate in our selection procedure.
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Do you want to know more about this Bachelor’s programme? Request our online brochure and read more about student experiences, the study programme and career perspectives.


  • Is there a difference between Business Administration and International Business Administration?

    The main difference is the name of the degree programme. UvA’s Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration is taught in English. The students, teaching staff and study materials are international and students have the opportunity to go on an exchange to a university in another country, allowing them to study abroad for 6 months. In addition, the curriculum includes specialist courses on internationalisation, such as International Business and International Management. In short, the UvA’s Business Administration Bachelor’s programme’s focus on international business is reflected in its curriculum.

  • What is the difference between the Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration and the Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics?

    Although these 2 Bachelor’s programmes share certain aspects, there are major differences between them. Economics and Business Economics is an economics-focused, analytical degree programme that largely seeks to address mathematical issues. As a consequence, Economics and Business Economics students spend most of their time looking at issues relating to figures, such as in accountancy and finance, from a business administration perspective. Business Administration deals with everything involved in managing a business, especially strategic aspects and aspects related to people (customers, staff). This makes Business Administration a multidisciplinary Bachelor’s programme that involves a greater variety of disciplines than Economics and Business Economics.

  • What are the career prospects after graduating?

    Business Administration is a multidisciplinary Bachelor’s programme that leads to a wide range of job possibilities. Jobs that you will be able to take up after graduation include organisation adviser, marketeer, personnel adviser, HR manager, financial analyst, controller and business data analyst. Moreover, potential future employers include all kinds of organisations, including not only banks and multinationals, but also non-profits and public-sector organisations such as the Tax and Customs Administration, municipalities and ministries. Or you can set up your own business.

  • Will there be networking events regularly?

    Sefa, the study association for all Economics and Business students, organises a number of online and offline career events every year. There, you can meet potential future employers.

  • What does online education look like at the moment?

    In general, education activities for all students are currently online. We organise several activities so you can meet your fellow students and feel at home at the university. It goes without saying that we cannot predict what the situation will be like when the new academic year starts in September 2021. In any case, if necessary, we are prepared to offer students interactive online education in a variety of formats, along with a wide range of social activities.

Ask our students

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Hi, I'm Farida! I'm a Bachelor’s student in Business Administration from Egypt. Got questions about studying at the UvA? Get in touch via our chat tool. Ask Farida your questions
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