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Digital Future

Get inspired

Our world is becoming more digital by the day. Sometimes we don't even notice the many innovations around us, other moments we are directly confronted by them. In many studies digital techniques currently play a major role, working on solutions for important issues and social challenges. From Humanities and AI, International Strategy & Marketing and Business Analytics, to Computational Musicology, Sociology, New Media and Digital Culture, Urban and Regional Planning and Computer Vision, to name a few. Let our studies, students and scientists fire up your enthusiasm!

Many forms of AI
Technological innovations
Companies need professionals who can apply data science in various business fields to optimise operating results. Also, more and more students want to delve deeper into new areas like big data and artificial intelligence from a business point of view. Prof. dr. Hans Amman Learn more about the Bachelor's in Business Analytics
The ethical aspects of technology
Our programmes concerned with our digital future
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