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The Brain

The human brain is a complex organ that's part of our nervous system and controls our body. We still have a lot to learn about it. At the UvA, you can study the brain within the field of medicine, but also within other fields such as psychology or behavioural economics. Find out how our students and researchers approach the topic in different fields and study programmes. Join live sessions from various programmes and get inspired!

Live sessions online
How does the brain work?
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I chose to study Cellular and Network Neuroscience because it prepares students for a broad area of neurobiology research in subjects that are still unknown to scientists today. Arnie Boender, MSc Biomedical Sciences, Neurobiology More information about Biomedical Sciences: Neurobiology tracks
The artificial brain
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You'll learn the skills required for a comprehensive understanding of the brain’s role in controlling human behaviour. It’s a fascinating and highly interdisciplinary field. Prof. Jan Engelmann, Neuroeconomics lecturer More information about Business Economics: Neuroeconomics
Influencing the brain
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‘Companies need professionals who can apply data science in various business fields to optimise operating results. Also, more and more students want to delve deeper into new areas like big data and artificial intelligence from a business point of view.’ Hans Amman, Programme Director, Bachelor's in Business Analytics More information about Business Analytics
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